Trish and Rob MacGregor have teamed up for their fourth book about synchronicity and the many aspects of the phenomenon--all to do with meaningful coincidence where no apparent cause or effect is involved. They say that we're more likely to experience it--to travel on "the synchronicity highway"--if we trust our inner guidance and feel connected with the wider world. The MacGregors factor in telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance and other psychic states because they also work outside of cause or effect.
"The MacGregors' writing is engaging and helps us to realize that synchronicity is a nexus between our everyday life and a deeper reality." - NEXUS Magazine
You see your grandmother's favorite bird outside your window not long after her death.
You inexplicably feel drawn to vacation at a remote location you've never been to, only to discover that your ancestors lived there hundreds of years ago.
Everywhere you look, you notice the numbers 1111--on clocks, license plates, odometers.
Signs from the afterlife are everywhere--if you only know how to look. In this groundbreaking book, you'll discover how meaningful coincidence--synchronicity--is key to your connecting with loved ones who have passed on.
Such contact can come to you through dreams and meditation, mediums and signs, and more. From the unexpected appearance of familiar animals, images, and sounds to clusters of numbers and objects, you'll learn how to recognize when and how people from the other side are trying to connect with you.
There are signs everywhere, if you know how to read them. Signs are stuff of synchronicity - or meaningful coincidence. Synchronicity is the universal language of transformation and its secrets reveal how you can enhance your life, filling it with meaning and wonder.
"When we are alert to the coincidences in our lives, we experience them more frequently - and they take on greater significance. And once we recognize synchronicities as meaningful, they open us to new information, new possibilities. We suddenly find that we're in the right place at the right time, meet the right people at the right moment, and our lives are changed for the better."
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