Battered by a hurricane, the crippled Seaflower is attacked by ruthless pirates off the coast of South America. The surviving pilgrims wash up on the beach far from Virginia, their destination. It’s 1627, and their chances of rescue are slim. Soon they are attacked by Indians and flee inland in their three lifeboats. They push deeper and deeper into the wilderness in search of a new life. But the lost nomads are faced with a dangerous and unforgiving environment, headhunters and cannibals, and dissension in their own ranks. Yet, one man finds a new way to survive when he encounters a mysterious young Indian with powers beyond reckoning. Soon he becomes an initiate in a system of medicine called the Seven Bundles. Now Jacob must hide his new knowledge and abilities from the stern Puritans, who hold strong to the ways of their past and scorn jungle magic. Ultimately, Jacob must use his talents to help his family and other settlers of Promised Land to survive.


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Destiny Douglas is engrossed in the lore and life of Edgar Allan Poe as she researches the famed author for her English thesis at NYU. But on her twenty-first birthday, she reluctantly takes time off from her project to meet her Uncle Fids at the Bronx Zoo. He tells her of a long hidden family secret, a genetic disposition to slip through time. She doesn’t believe it until she encounters the subject of her thesis...Poe.
Recently court-marshalled and dismissed from West Point, the disenchanted former cadet is ensnared in a sinister conspiracy in which he is mesmerized and directed to assassinate President Andrew Jackson.
Now Destiny and Fids struggle to stop Poe from completing his deadly mission while dealing with the baffling realities of life in 1831. In doing so, they inadvertently take Poe from his world to their own, potentially upsetting literary history.
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A suspicious barn fire claims the life of Merlina’s aging pony, and triggers Merlina’s latent, psychic talents, which she has inherited as the seventh generation in a lineage of powerful witches. She then sets out to track the arsonist, even though authorities are calling it an accidental fire.
Merlina’s mother, who has denied her own psychic talents, urges her to drop the investigation—let the police handleit—while Trella, her feisty grandmother Cuban grandmother urges her on. Meanwhile, Merlina’s best friend, Haylee Ackerman, worries when Merlina starts to fall for Billy Hopkins, who just might be responsible for the fire.
The deeper she digs, the more dangerous the quest turns as she closes in on the truth about the Cosa Caballo, a mysterious horse mafia centered in her pristine home town.
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Here's my first novel...
Possessed by a myth, a killer will stop at nothing to re-unite two ancient crystal skulls at a momentous date in the Mayan calendar -- the Harmonic Convergence. He intends to complete his quest, at whatever cost, to seal his quest to achieve immortality. But Nicholas Pierce, a private detective, is just as determined to find out who killed his client, the caretaker of one of the skulls.
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Former Air Force Major Trent Calloway just wants to forget about his past, especially the tragedy that changed his life when he was involved in a government remote viewing project. With his marriage ruined in the aftermath of his psychic spying, he wanders the Southwest, occasionally guiding river rafting tours. And then suddenly his painful past returns and threatens to damage him again.
He finds out that he had been drugged during his remote viewing sessions and that the drug, now years later, is causing ever increasing side effects in himself and the other government psychic spies he worked with — and that their psychic abilities are still expanding at frightening rates.

He realizes that the unknown drug he and the other psychic spies unwillingly took has bound them all together in a deadly psychic nexus, a "PSI Net", that has trapped Callaway, who must now fight for his life and his sanity as he struggles for the security of the United States and its people.

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Camila Hidalgo, press secretary for the president, wants her ex-husband, Trent Calloway—a former psychic spy for the Army and CIA—to investigate Justin Logos, a controversial New Age cult leader. But Calloway thinks there's no reason for the government to intrude in Logos's life. So he and his colleague Doc refuse to use their special talent—the ability to psychically see events occurring elsewhere.
But when a lethal virus is released in Washington, D.C., Calloway pinpoints its source to followers of Logos, a man proclaimed by some as the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Now Calloway, exposed to the virus and facing his own death—and Camila’s— must extend his abilities into a new realm.
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