Can we communicate with the dead? What’s the difference between a ghost and a spirit? Why are poltergeist attracted to teens? Are Ouija boards dangerous? Are guardian angels real? Do the dead speak to us? Do they offer guidance? Do our deceased loved ones drop by for visits? Can spirits heal? Mediums are touted for their abilities to communicate with the dead, but can anyone make contact?
Bump in the Night includes numerous fascinating stories of contact with the dead – both ghostly encounters and benevolent guidance from the spirit world. Among them are stories from celebrities who have made contact and deceased celebrities who are now ghosts.
THE FOG: A Never Before published Theory on the Bermuda Triangle Phenomenon
The Fog presents pilot Bruce Gernon's dramatic encounter with the heart of the Bermuda Triangle and his groundbreaking theory on electronic fog, which he is convinced is at the source of the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon.
The Fog also delves into the disappearance of Flight 19—five navy bombers that vanished on a routine training mission—and encounters with the phenomenon by Christopher Columbus and Charles Lindbergh. In addition, the book explores the the Bermuda Triangle's connection to UFOs, a secret navy base, and a possible link to the lost continent of Atlantis.
Psychic Power: Discover and Develop Your Sixth Sense at any Age

In Psychic Power, I describe unusual mental experiences, such as telepathy, precognition, remote viewing, psychokinetic energy, psychometry and synchronicity, and provides numerous examples. I show how these abilities connect with cutting edge science and then lead the reader from the tales of psychic power into the realm of hands-on experience. The print edition of the book includes a CD featuring three meditations.

The RAINBOW ORACLE: The Book of Color Divination
What the ancients knew well and folklore has long celebrated, modern science now concedes: Color abounds with psychic significance. It's not just a manner of speaking when we say that we 'see red' when angry, 'feel blue' when sad, or 'turn green' with envy. Color divination can indeed point the way through the kaleidoscopic paths of the uncharted future.
Now anyone can harness the power of color with The Rainbow Oracle, an ingenious contemporary divination method that lets you explore the meaning and magic of color and tap into your own psychic abilities.
Unlike classic oracles such as the I Ching, the Tarot, and the Runes, The Rainbow Oracle is remarkably easy to use. Once you've followed instructions and created your five colored cubes, the oracle is designed to answer questions, both simple and profound, that reflect the dilemmas of modern life. Subtle but unconscious energies guide the hand of the questioner as the colors are cast.
The perfect way to begin is to pick a question from the fifteen provided, all of which can be answered in a one-cube roll. For more complex questions, which you may create yourself, the cubes can be cast in four and six-cube spreads. By turning to the interpretations in the book, insights can be gained about the present situation, the influences surrounding it, how the past can have an impact, and what the future may hold.
The Rainbow Oracle also contains such features as - The History of Color - Aura Analysis - Your Personal Color – Color Horoscope Readings – Color Meditation – and Correspondences with other Divinatory Tools, such as the I Ching and the Runes.
You may begin your experimentation with the oracle because of an interest in color, because you want guidance on a difficult issue in your life, or just for fun. Whatever the reasons, The Rainbow Oracle can serve as a remarkable tool that can allow you to take your life into a whole new dimension, a dimension in which color opens the way to new understand, and allows life to share its deeper meanings.

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