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BUMP IN THE NIGHT: Ghost, Spirits & Alien Encounters
In the highlands of Peru, the peasants tell of a malevolent being called the Curi that haunts travelers and locals alike, especially those hiking in the Andes.
Edy, a Peruvian tourist guide, had an experience with Curi a few years ago, on November 1, All Soul’s Day in Peru. She had ascended a trail to a mesa and was looking for another guide, Juan, who had gone ahead with lanterns for the campsite. Edy’s group was following her and she could hear them, but couldn’t see them because of a mound of large rocks behind her.
Then she saw Juan sitting on a boulder. He called out to her, urging her to join him. She began walking toward him but realized something was wrong. He had gone ahead of her, but now he was behind her, and he hadn’t passed her on the trail. As she moved closer, she saw that he had a whip in his hand and suddenly he floated straight into the air.
Juan had once told her if she ever saw such a thing she should walk away and focus her intent on divine light. None of the others on the trail saw the being with the exception of one woman, who was a medium. They continued their climb to the mesa and found Juan waiting for them. He was unaware of the entity that had taken on his appearance.
“When we returned to the village, the peasants told us that the Curi takes on different shapes and that November 1 is not a good time to climb to the mesa, because the Curi is present.”
On another occasion, Edy recalls making the same climb with a burro, but the animal became nervous and refused to move. Repeatedly, when she tried to walk the burro along the trail, the animal pulled away. As she sat down to wait for her companions, an old man in a black hat came along and Edy saluted him in the custom of the village. But the man didn’t respond and continued on. Looking closer, she realized that he was floating above the ground.
“I began to feel drowsy and heard a buzzing noise. Then suddenly Juan was calling me frantically.” As he reached her, he said that as he turned the bend in the trail, he saw a very large man, who he thought was a brujo or witch, standing next to her. But she had seen no such man.

SPIRIT COMMUNICATIONTechniques For Tuning in & Making Contact

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Secrets of Spirit Communication provides many resources and techniques that help you raise your awareness of spirits and effectively communicate with them. You’ll learn about journaling, meditation, power animals, how to use altered states, and the five main methods to fully engage with spirit: awareness and recognition, intention, summoning through desire, requesting, and incubation.

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“This powerful and beautifully written book about spirit contact moved me deeply . . . [It] is filled with inspiring stories that will make you think, will open your mind to wonder, and will bring you joy.”

—Whitley Strieber, author of The Afterlife Revolution

“[The MacGregors help you] every step of the way with suggestions, exercises, and examples . . . [They] state in this book that the ‘language of the dead is synchronicity,’ which is a profound discovery.”

—Peter Levenda, author of Stairway to Heave

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