When I'm not working on my own stuff, or teaching yoga or meditation, I occasionally take on ghost writing projects, as well as content editing and copy editing. E-mail me for more details.
Ghost writing is the ultimate behind-the-scenes occupation. If you’ve got a good story or are an expert at an interesting subject, but don’t have the time or inclination to write it, then you might look for a ghost writer. I’ll tell you if I think your idea is strong enough to be developed into a book. I won’t sell your book, but I’ll write it and make it salable.
Content editing deals with the big picture—the structure of the novel, the plot points, the characters. I provide suggestions for revisions to strengthen the story and the characters. I point out problems with the plot, one-dimensional characters and inconsistent character behavior, too much telling and not enough showing, excessive and unrealistic dialogue, point of view problems, lack of conflict, and lack of sensory details. (A sample of content editing is available.)
Copy editing is about the words, not the big picture. I improve sentence structure, usually by eliminating unnecessary words, and finding stronger verbs. I correct spelling and grammar mistakes, and logical flow. I also check for accuracy of facts.

SPIRIT COMMUNICATIONTechniques For Tuning in & Making Contact

US $17.99 CAN $23.99

Trade Paper

ISBN: 978-0-7387-5674-5

August 2018

Discover How to Communicate with Spirits

 PAUL, MINN. — Spirits communicate with us every day, especially the spirits of our loved ones—but are you tuning in to them? Secrets of Spirit Communication is your go-to guide for identifying and interpreting the signs, symbols, and synchronicities around you. Whether it’s an object, sound, scent, dream, pattern, or number, this book will help you understand what it means and how you can respond.

Secrets of Spirit Communication provides many resources and techniques that help you raise your awareness of spirits and effectively communicate with them. You’ll learn about journaling, meditation, power animals, how to use altered states, and the five main methods to fully engage with spirit: awareness and recognition, intention, summoning through desire, requesting, and incubation.

Praise for Secrets of Spirit Communication

“This powerful and beautifully written book about spirit contact moved me deeply . . . [It] is filled with inspiring stories that will make you think, will open your mind to wonder, and will bring you joy.”

—Whitley Strieber, author of The Afterlife Revolution

“[The MacGregors help you] every step of the way with suggestions, exercises, and examples . . . [They] state in this book that the ‘language of the dead is synchronicity,’ which is a profound discovery.”

—Peter Levenda, author of Stairway to Heave

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